Group members visit SESAME Synchrotron Conference

Winning the 7th Young Scientists Festival main prize as a team (2023 Dec)

Our research team (Negin khosroshahi, Mahnaz Bakhtian, Moein Darabi Goudarzi and Dr. Vahid Safarifard) won the main prize🏆 of 7th Young Scientists Festival(YSF Persia) after two round verification. This festival is held every year to support the conversion of new ideas into business/products, support scholars, and strengthen the innovational and entrepreneurial spirit in young scientists

Award Ceremony for the best educational master students in 2022

During the event, Iran University of Science and Technology recognized a number of outstanding students for their academic achievements. The ceremony saw the selection and acknowledgment of Safarifard group members Mahdi Hosseinpour and Asma Mardani, who were presented with awards

Award Ceremony for the best research Master students in 2022

Iran University of Science and Technology held a ceremony to celebrate exceptional students in research, where Safarifard group members Negin Khosroshahi and Moien Darabi were recognized and presented with awards

The entry of 2020 masters defended their theses with excellent grades

Mahnaz Bakhtian’s thesis defence session
Moien Darabi’s thesis defence session
Fatemeh Parsapour’s thesis defence session

Negin Khosroshahi, the Safarifard research group’s master student, defended her thesis with the highest grade

Award Ceremony for the best educational and research students of Master/PhD in 2021

In this ceremony, some excellent students were honored in terms of research or education by Iran University of Science and Technology. Members of Safarifard group Negin Khosroshahi, Fatemeh Parsapour, Bahar Jeyhoun and Mahsa Sabouti were selected in this ceremony and received their awards

The group’s new paper on theoretical MOF design and DFT calculations has been published

Impact of linker/metal tuning on the performance of two-dimensional Ni3 (HITP) 2 MOF-based Mg ion batteries
P Miry, V Safarifard, M Moradi, A Massoudi – FlatChem, 2022

3rd Iranian Catalyst Conference

.The global catalyst market is changing significantly due to the dramatic growth of human knowledge in the field of manufacturing new and efficient types of catalysts, and the catalyst industry needs to keep pace with new knowledge. Catalysts in the industry are now rapidly being replaced by higher performance and cheaper catalysts. Since global resources for the production of catalysts are limited, one of the important issues is the recycling of used catalysts. The construction of environmentally friendly catalysts is also of great importance. The largest share of catalyst consumption is in the markets of oil refining, environmental, petrochemical and polymer chemical industries. Interestingly, the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2021 is also devoted to an innovative and green way of making asymmetric organo-catalyst molecules. This method is very effective for making a variety of compounds, including drugs and pesticides, without harming the environment and the health of living organisms. In this regard, the Iranian Scientific and Industrial Research Organization, together with the Iranian Scientific and Industrial Research Organization, and with the support of the Iranian Chemical Society and the Islamic World Science Citation Database, held the third Iranian Catalyst Conference.
In this conference, Dr. Safarifard gave an interesting and practical lecture on photocatalysts. After reviewing the history of MOF’s invention, he explained their use as photocatalysts and recent works in this field, which ended by answering questions from the audience and interested students. In another part, a number of group members presented posters related to the conference’s target topics.

!Our group’s new articles has been published